Ground Shaking Innovations for Your Lab!

Quake Scientific Quality Laboratory Consumables Manufacturer Products was formed to provide the everyday research and clinical lab with an economic alternative for laboratory consumables. Our core focus will be to provide innovative, affordable, high quality products to the laboratory research community.

In addition to providing standard laboratory disposables, we will also offer customization solutions to our customers that have recurring or occasional packaging or storage needs. Quake will work with customers on solutions to make their lives easier and their work more efficient. We are affiliated with a nationally recognized thermoform manufacturing company where we have access to state of the art equipment and proven research and design techniques. Our ability to react quickly to design changes, as well as supply and demand fluctuations, will further increase our value added services.

All of Quake Scientifics’ products are designed and manufactured in the USA under quality management systems registered as ISO 9001:2008 with design. The management team of Quake brings a wealth of experience within the biotech and medical manufacturing and distribution channels. Our products have been developed and refined using our experience and knowledge of the biotech industry to be easily used tools for the people who need and use them most.

Quake Scientific Products' team brings 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Management for a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of consumable scientific products and equipment.

Quake Scientific Products will be distributed to the laboratory research community through our partnerships with global laboratory supply distributors. We are currently evaluating potential distribution channel partners. If you would like to become a Quake Scientific Products distributor, Please call: 410-878-6787.